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Three Great Videos - One Low Price!

Belly Dance Drum Solo Technique and Choreography DVDs with

Drum Solo with Sadie

The drum solo is one of the most exciting portions of the belly dance performance - it's when the dancer can really show off her stuff! The drum solo showcases the belly dancer's technique and how creatively she can interpret the music. On this belly dance video, Sadie teaches a challenging drum solo that is sure to impress!

Drum Sounds
Sadie demonstrates drum sounds and how they are made. She explains how each drum sound tells you what kind of movement to use in performing the drum solo.

Technique and Combinations
Sadie teaches the combinations used in the drum solo, completely demonstrating and breaking down the technique of each movement. You'll be able to use the drum solo combinations in your own drum solo choreographies or improvisations, as well as Sadie's Drum Solo.

Drum Solo Choreography
Sadie strings together the combinations to teach the complete drum solo choreography, with repeated demonstrations and full explanations.

The DVD concludes with two hot performances by Sadie: the drum solo taught in this program, and a drum solo to live drumming by Amir Sofi!



Drum Solo with Jillina
Winner of Giza's Best Instructional Video award 

Whether you are a professional belly dancer or an enthusiastic beginner, this video will help you add fire to your drum solos. It is divided into easily identifiable sections, so you can use the rewind button to concentrate on what you want to - be it technique or choreography. Featuring a live nightclub performance including the Drum Solo.

Drum Solo Philosophy
Jillina shares her understanding of drum solos and tips on how to integrate a drum solo into your performance for a rousing finale.

Jillina demonstrates exercises designed to stretch and strengthen the muscles used in belly dancing. Use these exercises in your regular warm-up to add power, flexibility, and refinement to your dancing.

Jillina breaks down the moves that are used in the Drum Solo Choreography, including identifying weight changes and which muscles are used for each move.

Jillina teaches the complete choreography by linking together combinations with repeated demonstrations and detailed breakdowns. She shows you how to add attitude to make it come alive.


IAMED Award Winner: Best Modern Egyptian Dancer

"A dancer of unsurpassed skill. Mesmerizing and musical, her dance goes beyond beyond the borders of any country. She is not Middle Eastern, she is not American, she is a Dancer of the Universe."
- Amaya


Drum Solo with Ava Fleming

Ava Fleming is recognized around the world as a truly exciting and dynamic Belly Dancer. In this how to belly dance video, she teaches you a unique and dramatic drum solo sure to please any audience!

Ava starts with some essential foundational technique, including level changes and several layered shimmies.

The choreography is broken into multiple combinations, which not only makes learning fun and fast, but also gives you tools to make up your own drum solo. Each section includes a follow-along with the music, then you put it all together at the end. You will also learn some advanced moves to add to the choreography when you’re ready.

The program concludes with a full costumed performance of the choreography, PLUS an improvised performance incorporating some of the technique and combinations taught in this video!


Produced by IAMED - The Best Belly Dance Videos in the World!

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Clara Armstrong:  You can't go wrong with Jillina and Sadie. Both are cream of pro dancers. Technique on the 2 DVDs is explained very well. I would start with Jillina's drum solo first then start Sadie's. I'm still practicing with both DVDs. As always, IAMED makes the best bellydance DVDs. Thank you!

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