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Turbo Shimmy with Celeste DVD

Unique Drills for a More Dynamic Shimmy!

Every belly dancer wants shimmies that are effortless, strong, smooth, and go on forever! In this DVD Celeste will help you improve your shimmies by clarifying proper shimmy technique, demonstrating stretches and exercises to improve strength and flexibility, and leading you through her special shimmy drills. Each drill is progressively more challenging, requiring greater strength and stamina, and adding layering.

This belly dance video includes:
~ Demonstration and Instruction of Strengthening Exercises
~ Demonstration and Instruction on Shimmy Technique
~ 4 Fun & Progressively More Challenging Shimmy Drills
~ 6 Classic Stretches
~ 2 Beautiful Performances by Celeste

Whether you are shimmying in a drum solo or embellishing your choreographies and improvisations, or just looking to shake it on the dance floor, TURBO SHIMMY WITH CELESTE will make your shimmies more dynamic than ever!


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Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
Producers of the Best Belly Dance Videos in the World!

Reviews on this item

5 of 5 Stars!
Erica Sexton:  I am still a beginner and have been taking classes once a week for the past four months. I just started taking private lessons this month. I am so HAPPY with this DVD. It really made me think about my shimmies instead of being lazy about what my legs and hips are doing. The drills are fantastic and really build on each other. Celeste's demeanor is pleasant and the set is simple and non-distracting. She takes things one step at a time and reviews the steps so there is no fear of getting lost or being unsure if you are doing the right thing. The video angles are also great and focus on her entire body and don't float around the set. Altogether I think everyone, especially beginners, should have this dvd as a supplement to class. I also really like that she spends time talking about proper form and will turn to the side to demonstrate proper body alignment so that you see the moves from the front and the side.

5 of 5 Stars!
Diane:  For me a great bellydance dvd is one that stands the test of time. Am I reaching for this dvd time and time again because it is helping me with my moves? For Turbo shimmy with Celeste the answer is YES! It is an excercise drill not a cutesy routine and drills is what I was looking for. I want to practice but find it hard to practice without a visual aid and this is just the ticket. I am still a novice but I feel I am getting better with each drill I do. I use this dvd several times a week and will be for a long time to come. I am also filming myself once a month and am seeing progress. Celeste please make more of these instructional dvds drilling different turns, veil moves and zills, they would be a great help to someone like me that wants to learn and practice above and beyond my once a week class.

5 of 5 Stars!
Merideth:  Great for people who really are used to drilling and are serious dancers. It\'s good training and strengthening. It would not be a good video for someone who is just learning about bellydance b/c it is so (appropriately) narrow in its focus...there will not be much new here except repeat, repeat, repeat of shimmies with arm poses. Which is a GREAT training experience, and I felt my shimmies get stronger almost immediately. Just be prepared to focus and expect to feel like you are in a dance class, not an entertainment session. M

5 of 5 Stars!
christina:  I really like this dvd !! Great cover. The production is first class. Celeste has a nice demeanor & explains things well. This is for exercise & you will get 4 really good workouts. The 2 performances at the end were very good also. Over all this dvd delivers what it claims & i will use it often to workout. Tinah

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