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BD-TV 1: Belly Dance Television

BD-TV 1: Belly Dance Television

Manufacturer : Roxalot
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Learn to belly dance with Ansuya - one of the most popular belly dancers in the world! produces belly dance videos DVDs starring Ansuya.  DVDs include both instructional how to classes and performances.

Ansuya is an IAMED award winner for best cabaret dancer. She was one of the original super stars of belly dance. She is in demand world-wide as a teacher and performer.

Her how to video titles include: Hot Combinations, Learn how to play finger cymbals – both basics and advanced, Lavish Layers, Magic of Belly Dance, and more.
Performances are included on the Awards of Bellydance, and Belly Dance the Show.

One of many reviews of Ansuya’s videos:
“I really liked how Ansuya broke each combination in her Hot Combinations DVD.  You could concentrate on each aspect of the particular move. She teaches from the front and back so that you can figure out left/right direction. I love her performance, she is someone to really aspire to. I think if you never incorporate any of these specific combinations into your dance routine this video is still usefully to sharpen your dancing skills. An A+ on this belly dance video.” Diane Bond

Click on any of her DVD covers in our on line store and watch the video clips of her in action. * IAMED ~ International Academy of Middle Eastern Dance
Producers of the Best Belly Dance Videos in the World!

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