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Belly Dance!  The Show DVD

2 Hours of the Most Incredible Belly Dancing on the Planet!

From the sands of Arabia to the spotlights of Hollywood, from Cleopatra to Shakira, an enchanted journey through the timeless world of belly dancing and the traditional dances of the Middle East that inspired it.


* Ansuya
* Sahra
* Laurel Victoria Gray
* The Silk Road Dance Company
* Dondi
* Paulina
* Midnight Mirage
* Eva Cernik
* Sohaila
* Amara
* Louchia
* Tribal Feat
* Ali Karim Ali
* The IAMED Dance Company

"Incredible performances on an amphitheater setting.  Lots of variety and interesting performances including cabaret style, tribal, Lebanese, Armenian and a special performance by Little Egypt. I watch this DVD every time I want to be inspired!"  Laura Melton


Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
Producers of the Best Belly Dance Show Videos in the World!

Reviews on this item

5 of 5 Stars!
Charlsea:  Jillina is the BEST! Her instruction is clear, she is motivating, and her dancing will captivate you everytime you watch it.

5 of 5 Stars!
Rhonda:  This is my favorite of all of IAMED's performance videos. SRDC rocks! Ansuya is at her best! Get this video!

5 of 5 Stars!
Frances:  This is definitely one to try if you are at improver/intermediate level. The dance is fun and looks good. The moves are beautifully broken down and are well explained by Jillina. At the end, she shows you how to adapt the choreography for use by a group, which is really helpful. Jillina also performs the dance, together with one of her amazing drum solos. I performed this dance for the first time last week, for an audience of English and Arabic people and they loved it. Thank you Jillina!

5 of 5 Stars!
Dolisha:  This video definately taught me some moves that I really liked! It\'s a very cheerful, and uplifting choreography!

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