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Belly Dance Reloaded DVD

Performances by The Most Fabulous Belly Dancers on the Planet!

This video includes performances by some of the great stars of belly dancing, including:

* Mesmera
* Judeen
* Louchia

This video also features new hot stars of belly dance that cannot be missed!
They include:

* Willow
* Jamileh
* Calypso
* Katayna
* Abhi-Irena Perakh
* Black Opal Dance Company
* Urban Tribal Dance Company

Special Performances by:

* The Legendary Dahlena
* The Dance of the 7 Veils by Leyla Jouvana
with Roland on Tabla

Approximate Running Time: 85 Minutes


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Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
Producers of the Best Belly Dance Videos in the World!

Reviews on this item

5 of 5 Stars!
amira:  I love Leyla Jouvana, so I would love this video just for her. I don't really like her costume, but it doesn't matter because she is such a fabulous dancer. On this video she does a very nice veil dance, then a fantastic number to Roland's drumming. The interaction between them is so cute. As if Leyla isn't enough, this video also has the legendary Dahlena. I first saw Dahlena in the early 80s and she hasn't lost a step. She shows that belly dancing is really a dance for women of all ages. She is so musical and so perfectly with the music. Other highlights are a very pretty Persian number by Louchia and numbers by Black Opal Dance Company and Urban Tribal Dance Company. I'm not a big fan of tribal, but Urban Tribal is very exciting and fun. Willow and Calypso are also very good. I didn't love all the dancers on this video, but there are no bad performances and the good ones are so good, and the production quality is excellent.

5 of 5 Stars!
Ariel:  Beautiful, exciting and very talented belly dancers in this video. Personal favorites were Louchia, Willow, Black Opal Dance Company, Jamileh - who is on the front cover, Dahlena and Leyla. Yet another wonderful IAMED video!

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