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This DVD gives you almost two hours of absolutely fabulous dance! You get lots of variety and tons of fun with Persian, Spanish Fusion, Bollywood, comedy, and good old fashioned Belly Dance performances by some of the best belly dancers in the world!

BONUS FEATURE: And if that weren't enough, this DVD also features a special behind-the-scenes look at the production of this incredible IAMED show!


* Paulina
* Midnight Mirage
* Ahava
* Dondi, Titanya & Rose
* Zahirah
* Black Opal Dance Company
* Amaya
* Angelika's Dance Ensemble
* Elayssa with Tobias Roberson
* Lotus Niraja Dance Company
* Amara
* Isidora Bushkovski
* Ava Fleming
* Sadie

Running Time 136 min.


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5 of 5 Stars!
Patricia Soranno:  Belly Dance 007 has something for everyone! From Ahava's beautiful Egyptian style performance to Dondi, Titanya and Rose's blast to the past with Disco Belly, Amaya's fiery Flamenco infused number and Lotus Niraja Dance Company's classy Golden Age inspired 'Samia Gamal meets Duke Ellington'! Ava Fleming and Sadie give outstanding performances. And that's just lightly touching on a couple of highlights. There are so many good dancers and their performances are mixed in with a occasional dose of humor that lightens the show. The special 'behind the scenes' footage makes you feel like you are there and gives a insider's view of what it's like to put on a show of these proportions.

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