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The Art of Belly Dance with Paulina - Desert Dreams ~ How to Belly Dance DVD

Belly Dance Instruction and Workout
Have Fun, Get Fit and Learn to Belly Dance!

Learn Belly Dancing from the Experts! The MOST Comprehensive Videos on Belly Dance.

This 95 minute program includes:

Learn Belly Dance with Paulina
Paulina demonstrates each movement, then completely breaks it down for you. Using the technique taught in The Art of Belly Dance Instructional Video Series, you will build a strong foundation for your dance. The standard belly dance movements presented in this edition are:

The Body Wave
Hip Circles
Wrist Circles
Tick-Tock Shimmy
Vertical Figure 8
Chest Lifts
Slinky Arm Movements
and more!

Belly Dance Workout
Jindra runs you through a Complete Belly Dance Workout with an Emphasis on Strength, plus a Full Warm Up and Cool Down.

Featuring two beautiful performances by Paulina and Anaheed

All Region DVD

BEST VALUE: Get the entire "Art of Belly Dance for Beginners" series for one low price! click here for more information

Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
Producers of the Best Beginner Belly Dance Videos in the World!


Reviews on this item

5 of 5 Stars!
Caron Valentine Stone:  I am so excited....I love my Belly dance lessons, "The art of Belly dance" for beginners, It is truely a good video to start with and very nicely done....Brilliant!! thanks, Caron

5 of 5 Stars!
Shaden:  This DVD, along with Arabian Sands is fantastic. Having taken part in a course geared towards beginners, I have learned far more from this DVD. I knew nothing about the way the legs were used, or the shift in the weight. These were not taught in my real classes. I wholeheartdly recommend these DVD's to anyone who wishes to get a grib on Middle Eastern Dance. There's a good all round approach to everything from hip moves, to the crucial arms and the critical bit; good posture to protect the back. The instructions are clear, concise and she gives plenty of time for you to practise a move before going on to the next. Nice to look at, good picture and sound quality. Well worth the money by far! Highly recommended.

5 of 5 Stars!
Adalgisa:  Paulina, is an excellent instructor, and Jindra is wonderful!. I was Belly Dancing in no time!. Thanks so much.

5 of 5 Stars!
Rhonda:  Paulina and Jindra give precise instructions, and clear demonstrations of proper technique used in the foundation of this dance form. The video and sound quality is top notch. The way this series is put together it will have those new to belly dancing improvising beautifully from the start. The bonus performances included on the dvd are sensational examples of really good belly dance!

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