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Belly Dance TV and Ultimate Combinations DVDs

In BD-TV Volume 3 you get lots of great interviews, performances, and behind-the-scenes action, including an in-depth biography of Aradia of Las Vegas. And once you've been inspired, you can pick up some of her fantastic technique with IAMED's instructional DVD, "Ultimate Combinations 5!"

Belly Dance Television Volume 3
Video news magazine (on DVD)

Spotlight - Aradia
A second-generation dancer who has been performing since childhood, Aradia has plenty to say about growing up as a Belly Dancer in Las Vegas. You also get to enjoy an exclusive performance by this wonderful, world-class Belly Dancer!

Rising Stars
LaUra & Crystal Silmi: check out these two very different but very talented dancers who are sure to be future stars of Belly Dance.

Plus, enjoy two exclusive performances that you can only find on BD-TV.

Feature Story
Come along with Paulina on an exciting journey with the "Arabian Nights at Sea" cruise to Ensenada, Mexico!

Hip Tips
Aubre and Paulina give you some pointers on abdominal undulations.

Enjoy highlights and behind-the-scenes coverage of Hollywood concert "This Is Belly Dance!," featuring BD-TV's Rising Star, Sadie! Then join BD-TV at Naked Rhythm's VIP party for the release of their new "Frequency" CD.


What's Happening in Belly Dance!


Ultimate Combinations 5 DVD

This video features some of the best belly dancers sharing their favorite combinations with you!

* Aradia
* Ava Fleming
* Jamileh
* Katia
* Zahra Zuhair

No matter what your style or your level of belly dancing, whether you choreograph or improvise, you can use these combinations to expand your dance vocabulary in fun and exciting ways. Lots of variety and lots of technique are included.

Each instructor clearly explains and completely breaks down her favorite combinations, with follow-along repetitions so you can make the combination your own.

More than 100 minutes of combinations!

Plus a performance by Ava Fleming!



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