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Belly Dance TV Video News Magazine and Belly Dance Rocks DVD Set

This Volume of BD-TV showcases the world renown SADIE of Denver as a Rising Star! Not only is there an exclusive interview, but features the original now-famous performance as viewed over 4.5 million times on YouTube!

So if you are one of the millions of belly dance fans who love Sadie's performance from BD-TV (and YouTube), then you're sure to love her number on "Belly Dance Rocks!" as well! Rising Star HABIB is also featured in this DVD doing her popular "Belly Metal" number! These performances were shot on the same evening and at the same concert series as BD-TV... but with different music, costuming, and hot signature moves! Don't miss these wonderful performances by Sadie, Habib, and other great stars of belly dance.

Belly Dance Television - Volume 2

Spotlight - Carolena Nericcio
Meet the mother of American Tribal Style belly dance and discover how the Tribal craze was born. This comprehensive biography features exclusive interviews with Carolena, Jill Parker, Kajira Djoumahna, and more... as well as a peek at Carolena's personal photo collection and highlights from her belly dance documentary.

Rising Stars
We'll introduce you to two of the hottest belly dancers you may have never seen: Habib from Sedona, Arizona, and Sadie from Denver, Colorado. Plus, enjoy two exclusive performances that you can only find on BD-TV.

Feature Story
Go behind the scenes at one of the most exciting belly dance productions to date... the premiere of Suhaila's "Sheherezade."

Hip Tips
Anaheed and Paulina show you how to give your costume wardrobe a face lift by tucking and draping your skirts in a variety of ways.

News & Events
Highlights from...
Tribal Fest
Belly Dancer of the Universe
and the Bellydance Superstars in Las Vegas!


Belly Dance Rocks!

This video includes performances by some of the great stars of belly dancing, including:

* Fahtiem
* Jillina's Sahlala Dancers
* Sa'Elayssa
* Paulina from "The Art of Belly Dance" Series - and also the host of BD-TV!
* Ava Fleming
* Sadie
* Andreanna
* Lilla Varese
* Aleya
* Negma Dance Company
* Dangerous Curves Dance Company

Special Performances by:

Habib in "Belly Metal"
Leyla Jouvana "The Shimmy Queen"

Approximate Running Time: 80 Minutes



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