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The Fifth Awards of Belly Dance ~ Performance DVD

Giza Award Winning Video!

Featuring Performances by:

* Ansuya
* Azar
* Elizabeth Artemis Mourat
* Jillina & The Sahlala Dancers
* Judeen
* Katia
* Laila & Adam Del Monte
* Leyla Jouvana & Roland
* Sabura
* Sakti

Video features 2 hours of wonderful belly dancing, including Leyla Jouvana - The Shimmy Queen, a fiery flamenco performance by Laila Del Monte, Superstar of Bellydance Ansuya, and a dynamic Pharonic performance by Katia. Shot live at the Performing Arts Center at California State University in Northridge.

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All Region DVD - Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
Producers of the Best Belly Dance Videos in the World!

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5 of 5 Stars!
amy:  This is one of my favorite belly dancing videos. My favorit perfomances on it are Katia who does a really neat pharonic dance and Leyla who is so beatiful. Katia looks like Cleopatra, and her belly dancing is perfect and so complex the way she moves her hands and head perfect with the music. Leyla is so beautiful and looks like she loves belly dancing so much. She has the best shimmys. Her husband drums for her and they are so cute together. Jillina and Sahlala are great. They are like belly dancing Rockettes. I also really like Ansuya and Sabura who does double veil. I liked every performance on this video ecxept maybe Azar. She is very pretty, but she was stiff. Sakti does a really cute cane dance but her dress wasn't good on her. The light and sound on this video are real good, unlike a lot of belly dance videos. I hate it when you get a belly dancing video and it's so dark you can't see what is going on, or they go so close with the camera all you can see is teh dancers belly when she's moving her hips! None of that in this video. Also its 2 hours long, so you get a lot of good belly dancing for the price.

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