The 3rd Awards of Belly Dance

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The 3rd Awards of Belly Dance The 3rd Awards of Belly Dance The 3rd Awards of Belly Dance
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The Third Awards of Belly Dance DVD

Featuring Performances by:

* Amaya
* Aziza
* Jasmin Jahal
* Jillina & the Sahlala Dancers
* Marguerite
* Sahra
* Shahrazad
* Suzanna Del Vecchio
* Titanya & Dondi
* Ultra Gypsy

Video features 2 hours of belly dancing. Include super performances by Amaya, Aziza, Suzanna Del Vecchio, Sahra, Tribal Style by Ultra Gypsy, Superstar of Belly Dance Jillina with the Sahlala Dancers, and 2 theatrical dance performances by Shahrazad of Germany.


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All Region DVD.  Photos by Keith Drosin and Dave Rosenthal

Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
Producers of the Best Belly Dance Videos in the World!

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5 of 5 Stars!
Kathy Smith:  This is a classic performance DVD. I love Shahrazad, she is very theatrical. Also, great performances by Jillina, Amaya and Aziza.

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