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ANSUYA - The Magic of Belly Dance ANSUYA - The Magic of Belly Dance
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The Magic of Belly Dance with Ansuya DVD

Transform yourself with the make up, costuming, and movements of Belly Dance!

If you are a woman of any dance level, age, body type, or background, then you are ready for this DVD! All women of all levels are welcome. Thousands of women like you are enjoying the benefits of this ancient art that has become a modern trend.

In this video, Ansuya will teach you how to set an exotic mood in your home, enjoy a mystical bath, apply mesmerizing makeup, create a dazzling costume and perform a sensual dance routine.

Let Ansuya show you how to put the magic back into your home, body, and spirit with The Magic of Bellydance.

Bonus features include performances by Ansuya and friends!

"Let me show you how to transform yourself into a beautiful belly dancing goddess!" Ansuya

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