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Learn to Play Finger Cymbals with Ansuya DVD

Playing finger cymbals (which are also known as zills) is an integral part of the cabaret belly dance performance. In this video, Ansuya teaches you how to play finger cymbals to add musical energy and excitement to your belly dance!

Demonstration & Technique:
Ansuya breaks down each zill pattern into easy-to-follow steps. You will learn specific technique, then pick up the speed as you follow along with the music.

Movements with Finger Cymbals:
Ansuya teaches you basic belly dance movements that go with each zill pattern, then adds the zills to each of these movements. Moving and dancing with zills, in addition to proper technique, is an important part of learning to play your finger cymbals.

Zill Drill:
Join Ansuya in a practice session playing your finger cymbals. This unique "zill drill" will help you become proficient in playing each zill pattern while dancing, and also teaches transitions from one move and pattern to another.

Ansuya gives a costumed performance, which demonstrates how playing finger cymbals in your dance enhances the very essence of your performance, and brings another dimension of expression to this art form.


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Reviews on this item

5 of 5 Stars!
Patricia Soranno:  I found this DVD to be very helpful. Ansuya breaks each rhythm down so it is easy to understand, demonstrates it with music and connects it to foot work with a dance along segment. The follow along is done with her back to viewer making it easy to follow. I would recommend this to any dancer learning to play finger cymbals.

5 of 5 Stars!
sara dingess:  I recently purchased this product and I am totally happy with it! Since I am new at zills it is a challenge but totally worth it. The DVD is easy to use and Ansuya is very clear and easy to understand. I most definetly recommend this DVD to any beginner and even to those more advanced for all of the great exercises and drills!

5 of 5 Stars!
Dolisha Jones:  I think this video is perfect for people who want to learn how to coordinate their zill playing with their dance moves. I was trying for so long to learn how to move and play at the same time. I couldn't even raise my hand while playing. Now I'm so comfortable with zills. This video helped me so much! Delicia

5 of 5 Stars!
Elizabeth Jones:  What this video offers is a good way to learn how to move while playing your zils. You learn a couple Middle Eastern Rhythms and do a couple moves to those rhythms. It is geared for the bellydancer who has learned some basic movements and has never played finger cymbals. It was just what I needed to move me from playing around with my finger cymbals to dancing with them. Bravo Ansuya! What it does not offer is how to play various sounds on the zils and how to fine tune your dancing with zills. For me, I found that this DVD and Mesmera\'s instructional zil dvd work hand in hand. Mesmera\'s dvd does not go into much on dancing with the zils, but it offers more rhythms, sounds, and variety. Together, these DVDs work really well to give you practice playing the zils and moving around with them.

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