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The Ansuya Belly Dance DVD Collection

Now you can get all 6 of Ansuya's fantastic how to belly dance videos at one low price! Each DVD contains step by step instruction!

1. Hot Combinations

Afraid your belly dance choreographies are getting cold or your improvisations are uninspired? Spice up your belly dancing with hot new combinations from Ansuya!

Ansuya describes and demonstrates each combination, then teaches a complete breakdown of the technique, with plenty of repetition. She also leads you through a dance drill using the combinations to practice transitions from combination to another. By the time you're done, you will be able to use the combinations in your own belly dance choreographies or improvisations. The video ends with a full, costumed performance by Ansuya.



2. All New Hot Belly Dance Combinations

If you loved Ansuya's first "Hot Combinations," and if you are looking for fun, creative, new steps to add to your dance, then this video is for you! Enjoy friendly, easy-to-follow instructions of six all new combinations as Ansuya breaks down, demonstrates and shows each combo from all angles. Practice these combos in a drill to polish transitions and get a fun workout!

Whatever your level or style, you will love adding the following flavorful combinations to your own Belly Dance choreographies and improvisations!

Also on this DVD:
* Watch Ansuya put these combos to use in a live, improvised performance with special guest drummer, Oz Ashkenazi!
* Get to know Ansuya better in an exclusive interview.

3. Lavish Layers

The best belly dancers interpret the nuances and depth of their music by isolating movements and layering shimmies on top of them, and no one can isolate and layer better than Ansuya!

In this video, Ansuya teaches upper and lower body isolations and how to layer shimmies... with plenty of detailed break down of belly dance technique and easy-to-follow demonstrations. To achieve spectacular lavish layers, she also includes a drill to help you perfect your own Lavish Layers.

At the end of this video Ansuya performs in a beautiful belly dance costume, using lots of Lavish Layers!



4. Luscious Layers
Layering movements on each other to create exciting new combinations adds fun and interest to Belly Dancing. A good Belly Dancer's layers are so smooth they seem like just one movement, but it's not easy to look so effortless!

On this video Ansuya teaches you how to combine movements to create Luscious Layers, with detailed breakdown and demonstration of the techniques necessary to isolate and layer movements. After explaining it all, she will lead you through fun follow-along practice sessions with music for each combination. Soon you will be layering Chest Circles, Hip Circles, Figure 8s, Undulations, and all sorts of hand and arm movements including Forward Snake Arms, Finger Ripples, and Big Figure 8 Arms, and more. And to add even more spice to your dancing, Ansuya shows you how to add a Freeze to each movement with a complete explanation and demonstration of Layering Freezes!

Luscious Layers Drills: With Ansuya's Luscious Layers Drill you will perfect your own Luscious Layers, and her Freeze Drill will make your Layers hot!

And finally, a spectacular performance by Ansuya with lots of Luscious Layers!



5. Finger Cymbals with Ansuya
Playing finger cymbals (also known as zills) is an integral part of the cabaret belly dance performance. In this video, Ansuya teaches you how to play finger cymbals to add musical energy and excitement to your belly dance!

This video is divided into easy-to-find segments: Demonstration & Technique; Movements with Finger Cymbals; and the Zill Drill.

Ansuya also gives a costumed performance, which demonstrates how playing finger cymbals in your dance enhances the very essence of your performance, and brings another dimension of expresssion to this art form.



6. Advanced Finger Cymbals with Ansuya

Whether your style is American, Turkish or Tribal, you'll want to do more with your finger cymbals than play right-left-right. In this DVD, Ansuya will help you take your zilling to a new levels!

Ansuya breaks down each zill pattern with easy-to-follow demonstrations and explanations. You will learn specific technique, and then pick up the speed as you follow along with the music. And, of course you can't just stand there, so each zill pattern is accompanied by movements that fit the pattern, so you can perfect your playing while you dance.

Ansuya shows you how to introduce variations in to your zill patterns, including varying the sounds your zills make. Then she will lead you through blending rhythms and improvising to have fun and add your own interpretation to the music.

This DVD also includes a costumed performance demonstrating the use of advanced improvised zills!



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Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
Producers of the Best Belly Dance Videos in the World!

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Kathy Smith:  Ansuya is one of my favorite dancers. I've known her for years and have had the honor of taking many classes from her in person. I have all her DVDs and now I get to take lessons from her whenever I want. The videos are packed with quality belly dancing instruction and I have learned so much from them. Ansuya you're are wonderful! Keep up the good work.

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