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Amayaguena ~ Moon Over Cairo - Belly Dance Music CD

This belly dance music CD contains the full Amayaguena dance routine, plus five great drum solo tracks.

Digitally remastered from the original recordings.

Amayaguena Routine:
1. Amaya
2. Amayaguena Moods
3. Finale

4. Fast Masmoudi (4/4)
5. Fazzani (2/4)
6. Saidi / Slow Masmoudi / Saidi
7. Disco / Disco with Maksoum (4/4)
8. Samaii (10/8)

Produced by Amaya Productions 

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Kim Newton:  Yay - I finally own a CD of this beautiful music. My well worn cassette has nearly died from overuse. Amaya is a stunning dancer, and I particularly like the title track on this CD. I have seen many choreos done to this track, no two the same, and each with it's own originality - but you still can't beat the beautiful rhythms in this music.

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