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Star Power with Amaya - Belly Dance DVD

Stage Presence and Pizzazz with Amaya

Stage presence is more than a big smile ~ it's that magical something that won't let you take your eyes off a belly dancer and is the difference between a good dancer and a Star!

On this belly dance video, Amaya shares her Star Power secrets. She explains what gives a dancer an exciting presence, demonstrating the difference between blah and pizzazz! She'll show you techniques to add energy and interest to your dance, including:

* Dancing Within the Music ~ Interpret the music using tempo, Catching & Holding the Moment, and the Dream Sequence to create interest

* The Four Focus Points ~ Use different focus points to change your energy and add dimension to your dancing.

* The Psychology of the Sacred Stage ~ Claim the stage as your own and use the emotional power of the different areas your performing space.

* The Energy Antennae ~ Use poses and every part of your body to add energy to your dance and the Performance Energy Graph.

* The Importance of Entrances and Exits ~ Make a great first impression and leave a great lasting impression.

* Your Body as Musical Instrument ~ Drills to help you interpret the music.

* and... Your Diva Best!

Whether you choreograph or improvise, whether your style is Egyptian, Tribal, Cabaret, or Fusion, Amaya will help you develop your own Star Power!

Plus you get a Star Power performance by Amaya!


Produced by Suzy Evans ~ IAMED
Producers of the Best Belly Dance Videos in the World!

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Kathy Smith:  Amaya is a great belly dancer! I got a lot out of the this DVD. The DVD is packed with information that helped me with my belly dance performances. When I was watching the DVD, I kept saying to myself "Gee, why didn't I think of that!" The video would very helpful to anyone dancing in a restaurant, on stage or where ever you dance. And especially if you would like to go pro.

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