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Amaya Hips Belly Dance DVD

with a Drum Solo Choreography

This wonderful great how to Belly Dance Video (produced by Amaya) includes:

Basic Hip Mechanics
Isolations and Shimmies
Drum Solo Shimmy Choreography
And a Fabulous Performance by Amaya!

Taught with a sense of fun and ease, Amaya gives instruction on everything from basic hip mechanics to delightful layering of shimmies... in Amaya's unique style! A must for your belly dancing video library!

Suitable for ALL levels of dancers.

All Region DVD - Plays everywhere in the world. 

Reviews on this item

4 of 5 Stars!
Je Kissinger:  I liked the choreography, the breakdown of moves and the easy to follow instruction. This is a good instructional for all ages. I did have some dissapointment as this looks like it is not a IAMED production. I would recommend purchase, as AMAYA is an excellent dancer and instructor.

5 of 5 Stars!
Ranee:  Amaya videos is a lot of fun! She breaks down the dance and uses moves that are not always familiar with the drum solo. I will be using these moves in my own drum solo choreography as well as other aspects of bellydance.

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