Hollywood Babylon and Rockin’ the Casbah


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Get both Rockin' the Casbah and Hollywood Babylon DVDs at one low price!

Hollywood Babylon

Winner of two Giza Awards for outstanding belly dance videos!

Two hours of dazzling belly dance performances by some of today's finest belly dancers. This spectacular show captures the romance of Hollywood's yesteryears, combined with a wonderful variety of belly dance styles. Don't miss this exciting IAMED production!

Featuring Performances by:

* Anaheed
* Rania
* Anisa's Orientale Beledi Troupe
* Marula
* Brandi
* Dondi
* Jillina and the Sahlala Dancers
* Marguerite
* Leyla & Saharan Silk
* Farhana – Princess of Hollywood
* The Tut Sisters
* Mesmera

Highlights include: The Tut Sisters performing a Mummy dance, a trance dance by Brandi, Rania performing with Isis wings, a great solo by Jillina and two performances by Sahlala.. and best of all? Dondi as Marilynn Monroe. Mesmera, Anaheed, Marula, Marguerite, Farhana dance to live music by Al Kimie. Shot live at Burbank Center Stage Theater.


Rockin' the Casbah

Two hours of rockin' belly dance performances by more than 40 of the world's grooviest belly dancers!

* Dalia Carella
* Angelika Nemeth
* Angelika's Dance Ensemble
* Atlantis
* Aziza
* The Cairoettes
* Desert Orchid Dance Company
* Flowers of the Desert
* Jillina & the Sahlala Dancers
* Katia
* Marguerite
* Mesmera
* Sa' Elayssa
* Shannelle

Both DVDs produced by IAMED – The Best Belly Dance Videos in the World!


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