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Awards of Belly Dance DVD


Held at California State University Northridge (CSUN)
Performing Arts Center
August 1998

Featuring Performances by:
Angelika & Her Dance Ensemble * Atlantis * Delilah * Dondi * Eva Cernik * Jillina * Katia * Margo Abdo O'Dell * Mesmera * Zahirah

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Margo Dondi Jillina Baraka
Delilah Eva Cernik Eva Cernik Katia of New Mexico
Katia Mesmera Zahira Atlantis
Angelikas Dance Ensemble

This show features two hours of fabulous performances. Highlights include a sword dance by the master of the sword - Zahirah, a solo performance by Jillina, veil performance by Katia, a Persian dance by Angelika's Ensemble, Turkish cabaret belly dance by Eva Cernik, and an award winning performance by Delilah to the live music of John, Var and Ishmael.


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