Belly Dance DVD Review – Thrillin’ Drillin’ with Sadie

Thrillin’ Drillin’, Worth a Million!

by Performer and Instructor, Maria Kelly

The International Association of Middle Eastern Dance’s (IAMED) latest video release Thrillin’ Drillin’ is all that it purports to be and more.  The world renown and most sought after U.S. born belly dancer Sadie shares the intricacies of her stylized technique in this fabulous instructional DVD.  IAMED is known to be the purveyor of the finest DVD’s on the belly dance market and Thrillin’ Drillin’ parallels the quality of their stock – and sets a new bar.

The first segment of this DVD features Sadie dissecting each movement in an easy to follow dialogue that is accessible to dancers of any level.  Since I have been dancing for thirteen years, I found the review helpful for several reasons.  Firstly, it reminded me of the finer points of the dance and secondly, it gave me lingo to help my students who have been struggling with certain movements I have been teaching in class.  Sadie then progresses to more challenging and faster paced drills.

The drills are fantastic and take the movements just reviewed into sequences that will engage beginners and cause seasoned dancers to rise to new levels.  Sadie recently held workshops at the Middle Eastern Culture and Dance Association’s (MECDA) annual Belly Dance Festival and revealed one of the secrets of her physical interpretations of Danse Oriental.  She takes very basic movements and does them fast – that is to say VERY fast.  It results in a stylistic appeal that wows audiences and fellow dancers alike.  To have access to the means to achieve this “wow” factor is worth its weight in gold.

The components of her drill segment and the unique manner in which she weaves together movement are priceless.  Utilizing Thrillin’ Drillin’ properly will enable dancers mastering her moves to integrate a higher level of choreography into their own work.  Instead of ye old chest lift, Sadie suggests new forms of presentation that provide dancers with ideas of how to blend a novel air of creativity into their dance.

Sadie also has a fantastic Drum Solo DVD produced by IAMED, but I recommend purchasing Thrillin’ Drillin’ first.  She goes into more depth and repetition on the details of each movement that once mastered will make her Drum Solo video much more accessible.  Thrillin’ Drillin’ is an essential for any belly dancer’s DVD collection – don’t miss the opportunity to enhance your belly dancing.  To those of us who love belly dance, that’s worth a million!

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